Practice Valuation

The starting point of any practice transition is the practice valuation or appraisal. There are many different methods of valuing the practice. Our primary approach is an asset summation method but we also use a market approach and a capitalized excess earnings approach. We use over 21 years of experience in the area of practice valuation to supplement the mathematical approaches. 

You will start by completing our practice survey and then provide your most recent four years of tax returns among other additional information. We will develop a buyer feasibility/proforma which will project a cash flow analysis for a prospective buyer. With our intimate knowledge of the healthcare lending arena, Veritas Transition Group will determine a practice price that is fair to the seller and readily financeable within the industry. 

A valuation/appraisal is a necessary step in selling your practice, hiring an associate, going through a divorce, estate planning, or simply planning for future transitions. 

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