Premier Practices for Sale 

A “Premier” Practice sale is categorized as a highly profitable practice with a senior doctor looking to transition their practice to an associate. Our Premier practices typically gross between $900K – $1.4M. There is adequate profitability for an associate to be compensated competitively and for reasonable ownership compensation for the senior doctor. The senior doctor’s vision is a short-term associateship leading to a sale of the practice with the senior doctor remaining as the associate. 

VTG has led many senior doctors through this role-reversal approach. 

Other buy-out options are generally associated with a multi-owner practice where one doctor in a partnership may want to retire but is only selling their portion of ownership of the practice. 

Practice #: RR401

Location: Jackson, MI

Practice Type: General Dentistry

Location Type: Metro

Salary: $120K

Additional Information: Senior Doctor looking to retire not later than December 2020.

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No Longer Available

Practice #: RR402

Location: Northern Lower Peninsula, Michigan 

Practice Type: General Dentistry

Location Type:  Rural 

Salary: TBD

Additional Information: Immediate need for an associate looking to Buy-In 

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Practice #: RR403

Location: Michigan/Indiana border area

Practice Type: General Dentistry

Location Type: Rural

Salary: $150K

Additional Information: Quality associateship with a Seller committed to mentoring, selling, and remaining as a part-time associate. 

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