Office Manager Empowerment Training

We have designed our OMET to improve the communication between a Doctor and the Office Manager raising the efficiency level of the practice.  We have identified two distinct types of practice that benefit from our OMET.  Many times when a Doctor replaces an Office manager, they will simply elevate an existing employee to the position of “Office Manager.” Typically assistants, hygienists, veterinary techs or insurance billers have very little experience at the tasks required to actually manage the office.  To complicate matters most doctors have very little knowledge of the tasks involved in truly managing an office or how to teach and coach the skills necessary to elevate a staff member into a leader of a team.  This is the first type of practice that our OMET benefits.  With our program we will train the Office Manager and the Doctor in the skills necessary to elevate the practice to a new level.  The skill set involves developing a set of metrics for each practice which allow the Doctor and the Office Manager to evaluate the performance of the practice on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.  Evaluation of the metrics and communication between the Doctor and the Office Manager is the essence of forecasting for the practice and managing the office.  A true Office Manager must also manage the people in the office.  We develop the leadership skills in the Office Manager to manage, evaluate, teach, and coach the other staff members into an efficient effective team.  The most important aspect of the program is that we teach the Doctor how to utilize the Office Manager and the newly acquired skills help the practice reach new levels.

The second type of practice that benefits from our OMET is a practice that has an Office manager in place and they have become slightly complacent or the Doctor is not utilizing the Office Manager to the greatest potential.  These practices typically have their own metrics already in place and simply need to jump start the Office Manager to reach their potential and create greater communication with the Doctor to reach greater efficiency.

It is important to note that our OMET is not a practice management consulting service.  Our program is geared to teaching a very distinct set of skills that are necessary to function in the role of a true Office Manager and to develop the requisite interaction with the Doctor to allow true “managing” of the office.  We work with many notable practice management consultants and can recommend them when necessary.  We have found that once the skills are developed in an office manager, the success rate of practice management consulting skyrockets.